Pre-requisites for Master of Science in Athletic Training

Course Credits
English Composition and Literature 6
Math Algebra/Pre-Calculus and Statistics 6
Anatomy and Physiology 8
General Biology 4
Chemistry I 4
Introduction to Psychology 3
Humanity Elective 3
A minimum of six credits from the following (must have a minimum of two of these classes):
Biomechanics or Kinesiology 3
Physics I 4
Physics II 4
Chemistry II 4
Biochemistry 4
Exercise Physiology 3
12 credits from the following:
Public Speaking 3
Developmental or Abnormal Psychology 3
Sociology 3
Computer Science 3
Nutrition 3
Human Growth and Development 3
Community Health 3
Introduction to Athletic Training 3
Ethics 3
Measurement and Evaluation in Health
Physical education 3
Total 52-54

* A research design course may be used in place of statistics if the courses syllabus demonstrates use of statistics in planning quantitative research. Other prerequisites may have slightly differing names. Course substitutions must be approved by the program director.

* Demonstration of skill in micro-computing may be used in place of a three-credit course such as passage of a Microsoft Office test. This substitution must be approved by the program director.